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An Inclination Towards Preventing Osteoporosis

An Inclination Towards Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a distressing and demoralizing disease. It not only affects the bones of a person drastically, but also shaves the mind and psychology of positive ness. It is asymptotic and hence diagnosed at the later stages, when it has already caused some damage. But fortunately osteoporosis can be prevented and actually preventing osteoporosis is the best remedy to be away from it. There are various risk factors of osteoporosis and the first step is to reverse these factors. Some tips and suggestions in context of preventing osteoporosis are mentioned in subsequent paragraphs.

How to prevent Osteoporosis?

Eat your way to health 

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones caused primarily by calcium deficiency. Including calcium rich foods in daily diet helps the most. Green leafy veggies, milk (skimmed) eggs, yogurt, dairy products like butter, cheese, curd, etc. Also, vitamin D consumption with the help of fortified milk products is a preventive step for osteoporosis.

Dish the fish 

Dishes inclusive of great fish like salmon, sardine, taken along with their bones can help in strengthening your bones thus preventing osteoporosis. Oily fish like Mackerel and others provide as rich sources of vitamin D.

Go green

Green leafy veggies and salads are a very good diet for preparing against osteoporosis well in advance. These foods contain calcium, iron, potassium and most important vitamin K, which is used by the body as a reconstruction element for filling the porous blocks inside the bones caused by calcium re-absorption.

Wow soy 

Call it Soya or Soy; it is a healthy ingredient in the battle against osteoporosis. Not only rich in calcium, but soy also contains proteins, the building blocks of the body. Soy milk is also a great option apart from the regular dairy milk.

No excess of protein 

Though most foods that provide calcium also contain protein, you need to put a restriction on your thorough protein consumptions. This is because human body being very complex, high protein intake causes excess of calcium to get excreted out of the body through urine. This is not at all a desired and defensive step for preventing osteoporosis.

Bye beverages 

Elimination of alcoholic and caffeine beverages from the routine is an ideal prevention. But since ideologies rarely work, you are advised to at least limit the use of these drinks. The reason is again the same that with more use of these elements, more calcium is re-absorbed and excreted from the body.

On onion 

Experiments have proved the consumption of onion in possible amounts daily reduces bone breakdown percentage. Hence, get on onion for preventing osteoporosis.

Burn what you eat 

Exercises are very essential in case of bone health. They keep you bones strong and flexible, thus sparing them the breakage. Exercises, esp. the weight bearing ones and done under the morning sun is ideal to achieve high-end defense. Weight bearing exercises include walking, running, stretching, yoga, etc.

Ready for the Med 

Get the BMD tests done if you have any doubts about your bone health. If you find by any way that you lack the average BMD levels in your body, but yet have not experienced any fractures, then to prevent them get set for the medications prescribed by doctors. These could direct supplements of calcium and vitamin D or indirect ways of saving calcium reservoirs in your bones, like the bisphosphonates.

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