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Best Treatment For Osteoporosis

Best Treatment For Osteoporosis

How to prevent Osteoporosis?

Those who suffer from osteoporosis, or those who have a family history of osteoporosis need to pay special attention to their bone strength as well as their bone density. It is important to have a good diet and indulge in regular exercise. There are 4 nutrients which are more important than others as far as best foods for osteoporosis are concerned. Vitamin D is absolutely mandatory and vitamin D osteoporosis treatment involves exposing your body to sunlight for a few minutes, twice or thrice a week along with indulging in diet comprising of tuna fish, cooked salmon, pure cod liver oil, ready to eat cereals with vitamin D and eggs.

Osteoporosis Treatment

Drug treatment for osteoporosis includes medications such as bisphosphonates, estrogen analogs and calcitonin. It is important to note that natural remedies for bone loss like regular exercise and healthy diet are far more effective. Nutritional treatment for osteoporosis includes diets rich in vitamin D and calcium along with magnesium to certain extent.

Milk, cheese, cooked greens and soy foods are all good for the body. Holistic treatment for osteoporosis involves fortifying the body with necessary nutrients, while ensuring that the bone loss is slowed down with regular exercise. The body balance has to be improved while the bones and muscles are strengthened to prevent falls as well as to lower the bone damage when eventually one goes through a bone damaging scenario.

Although walking would be beneficial, the best exercises for osteoporosis involve lunges, squats, running and dancing. Weight-bearing exercises are also useful along with playing games like tennis and basketball, which involve intense running. Although there are special scenarios, where a patient goes through once a year treatment for osteoporosis, it is better to go for natural treatments. Osteoporosis can be treated or altogether avoided through healthy dose of physical activity as well as a very good diet. Avoiding smoking and alcohol is also important as both these habits tend to cause significant damage to the bone. Although there are factors like gender, race and age which are out of our control, the risk of osteoporosis can be fairly lowered through good diet and exercise.

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