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Spice it Up! Cool it Down! Dr Dukan Diet

Spice it Up! Cool it Down! Dr Dukan Diet

I like to be Research-Girl, so I’ve been finding tips on what you can do to get over the “hurdle”, and start seeing less of yourself again. Of course, we working with a limited amount of food, so some of the tips I found weren’t really relevant. But I also found some useful tips.

Let’s start with the food we can eat in the Attack Phase

  • Eggs: Help to stabilize your blood sugar, which makes you less hungry, and then you don’t tend to overeat.
  • Lean meat: Help maintain muscles, which burn more fat.
  • Lowfat dairyproducts: High amounts of calcium and protein help you lose weight, and mantain muscle mass.
  • Fish: When eating fish on a regular basis the amount of protein hormones (which dulls the metabolism) in your body is lowered.

Ok, so now it’s time to spice it up!

  • Cinnamon: A quarter teaspoon a day is said to stabilize your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol, and increase your metabolism. You could make a dessert with greek yoghurt, sweetener, cocoa and cinnamon.
  • Chili: Lowers your appetite and gives a boost to your metabolism.
  • Ginger: Increases your metabolism, and detox through better circulation.
  • Garlic: Regulates your blood sugar, boosts your metabolism, lowers the level of insulin.

The result – you burn fat.

So we can eat some spicy meat or fish. Or make a spicy omelette. Or you could just add lots of spices to some cottage cheese. And have a bit of cinnamon/yoghurt dessert. Just remember to lower your salt intake as much as possible. It could also just be a bit of water retention. So then you should drink plenty of water.

A good idea is to add lots of ice to your water. This will help you burn more calories. You could also just suck on ice cubes. Or even eat cold food (not ice cream, you’re trying to lose weight, remember). When you drink or eat something that’s cold, your body has to work hard. It’s also good to keep your surrounding a little on the cool side for the same reason.

If you’re walking for 20 minutes a day, make it 40 or more instead. Or put on some good music, and dance around. Whatever you feel like. And this last one you’re gonna “love” for the weekend. Get to sleep early. Dr Dukan says that the sleep you get before midnight is better than the sleep you get past midnight.

So to sum it up. Eat some spicy food. Dance around for 30 minutes. Drink lots of ice water. And go to bed at 9pm. Ok, you can stay up until 10 pm. Ok, you can stay up until 10 pm

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