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Strontium in Osteoporosis

Strontium in Osteoporosis

A few years back, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) approved a medicine called Strontium Ranelate to treat Osteoporosis. This drug was been researched and launched in the United Kingdom and later spread all over the world.  The medicine ‘Strontium Ranelate’ affects quickly on an Osteoporosis patient. It repairs the injured bones and also enhances the work quality of the bones. A Strontium in Osteoporosis has become like a boon for a large number of patients.

What is strontium?

Strontium is been recognized as a source of many more drugs since so many years to treat bone diseases. It was first tested in 1950’s and 60’s. A study say, in the year 1959 some researchers at the Mayo Clinic conducted a study on the various influences of strontium on some of the patients of Osteoporosis. Those patients were given 1.7 grams of strontium lactate every day. They found that most of the patients got significant reprieve from the unbearable pains and injuries in the bones; the researchers even took X-rays after giving the prescribed amount of Strontium. The X-ray reports also had shown the reliable growth in the bone mass of the affected person. Some researchers also did a study on mice or other animals by strontium and found that the intake of strontium helped bone formation cycle to develop fast. Theses studies made the result that the proper intake of strontium can definitely be helpful to trim down the risk of Osteoporosis. A trial known as Strontium Ranelate for treatment of osteoporosis (STRATOS) was also done to check if this medicine is useful for the women in post menopause, says a report. Theses studies prove that Strontium in Osteoporosis works well significantly.

Strontium is a chemical amalgam and an alkaline earth material. Chemically, it is extremely imprudent. It can be originated in a large amount on the earth, especially, in the sea water. In the human body, there is almost 320 mg of strontium. It is mainly found in the tissues of bones. Doctors say that it‘s mechanism that works in the bone in two ways. Strontium can be found in green leafy vegetables, roots like the beat roots, sea-food, whole grains and many of the spices. In a normal person Strontium is available in balanced amount in the bones. But, if a person has a bone deficiency, he/she is advised an intake of Strontium supplement.  Many of the pharmaceutical companies have also found that Strontium is supportive to increase the bone density by 8 to 10 percent.

If a patient is suffering with Osteoporosis, doctors recommend the intake of 700 mg of Strontium per day.  However, this medicine should be taken in an empty stomach or 2 to 3 hours after the last meal the patient has. This medicine should also be taken with Calcium and Vitamin D supplement, as these are chemically a family.

Nevertheless, this medicine should not be taken by pregnant woman, Children and those patients who are taking some antibiotics like for example oral tetracyclines or quinolones. People who have problems in the kidney or liver functions, blood vessels or blood clots should always consult a doctor before taking Strontium. Strontium in Osteoporosis is not just a supplement, it also works as a remedy for many of the bone cancer, and it is also useful to reduce the various pains due to scratches in the cancer patients and in dental cavities or scrawny set of teeth.

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