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The Truth Behind the Causes of Osteoporosis

The Truth Behind the Causes of Osteoporosis

There are numerous causes of osteoporosis but four seem to stand outage, family history, calcium deficiency and low levels of estrogen. In order to mitigate any risks of developing the condition, its imperative to acquaint yourself with the way these factors influence the onset of osteoporosis.

Causes of osteoporosis:


Most definitely, osteoporosis is a condition that affects people of advanced age. As we age, the process of new cell formation slows down and, this has many effects, both physical and those affecting internal body mechanisms. Our bones are not spared too as they gradually weaken over the years. Precisely, bone tissue loses density and becomes brittle as you age. To counter this, it’s necessary to engage in muscle building exercises, which in turn strengthen the bones. However, due to increased risk of injury in old age, it is best to consult your healthcare practitioner before you engage in any strenuous activities.

Low estrogen levels

This is especially common in older women. Estrogen levels in women drop considerably as they approach menopause, which can have a number of dramatic effects, from menstrual migraines to mood swings. Some women’s bodies are more prone to certain effects than others. Notably, low levels of estrogen cause bone thinning, which ultimately lead s to osteoporosis. Regular exercise can help to increase estrogen levels, in addition to other benefits. There are also a number of estrogen supplements in the form of pills, or using adhesive patches.

Calcium deficiency

Calcium is the main component of bone tissue and almost all of the body’s calcium deposits are stored in bones and teeth. For strong, healthy bones, there has to be a constant supply of calcium in the body. Any deficiencies can easily result in osteoporosis. Dairy foods are a good source of calcium, such as milk, yoghurt and cheese.

Family history

Another important factor that can determine the onset of osteoporosis is family history. You are at a higher risk of developing the condition if any of your closest family members suffered from it. While there’s little you can do about heredity, it’s important to discuss your health, especially regarding your heightened risk of osteoporosis, with your doctor.

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